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Wear Your White Shirt Right

The White Shirt is one of the must-have items for the season, but it’s important that you wear it right.

Like with any outfit, your underwear can make or break your white shirt, so Chantelle Lingerie Fit Expert Sandra Dyke has put together these points to consider when deciding which bra to wear with your white shirt.


“Do not wear a white bra under a white shirt! This is an absolute no because it is a block of white against your skin tone which will highlight the bra. A nude bra is a fail safe choice. Or if you want to add a bit of colour a red T-shirt bra can make a good alternative to nude as it won’t show under white tops. If you aren’t quite so daring, pale pink can work too. Try it!”


“If your shirt is fitted or the fabric is rather tight or fine, you should opt for an Invisible bra made of a satin or microfibre knit. Invisible bras will often feature laser cut finishes or enclosed finished seams to ensure that the bra remains invisible - even under the finest fabrics!

If your shirt is less fitted or the fabric is quite thick, the fabric of the bra you choose to wear can come down to personal preference.”


“At Chantelle, we look at necklines to determine what bra shape you should be wearing, so think about the neckline of your shirt and how you are going to be wearing it i.e. buttoned to the top or some buttons undone.”

Round neckline

“Choose a T-shirt bra, 3-part or 2-part bra for shirts with round necklines as they will envelope your bust resulting in the perfect silhouette.”

Pictured: C Chic Sexy spacer bra

High neckline

“A moulded bra will be most suited to a high neckline. This will minimise volume so will ensure a flattering figure.”

Pictured: Hedona moulded bra

V neckline (plunge)

“If you wear your shirt with a V neckline, you need to opt for a push up or plunging bra. This gives a sexier and more centred bust and a push up bra can also add up to one cup size!”

Pictured: Vous & Moi plunge bra

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