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Joyce Brooks was Cheltenham's Traditional Specialist shop for lingerie, bra fitting, quality nightwear and bridal wear.

Established over 30 years in the centre of Cheltenham, we now offer a wide variety of specialist and mainstream brands through our website. We are are on hand to assist you with choosing your lingerie and getting that perfect fit.

Need some assistance on choosing your Bridal Lingerie? Read our Bridal Fitting Guide below for expert tips and advice.

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Bridal Fitting Guide

Brides - points to consider

  1. Are the garments required for the first, second, third dress fitting? Be sure to ask your dress supplier.

  2. Leave yourself time to consider the underwear - there is a vast selection to explore much of which might be unsuitable for your body shape.

  3. Don't guess your size- seek advice, don't be embarrassed, get fitted correctly.

  4. Remember that your specialist lingerie store may have to order, especially for you and that could take a few days.

  5. Have a good idea of your dress style, for example how low is the neckline?

  6. Consider the back of the dress- is the back lower than normal bra level?

  7. Would a strapless style be preferable?

  8. Be realistic - not all styles will suit you and not all will be made in your size.

  9. Does the dress have a corseted top - is a bra really necessary?

  10. Is the dress plain or beaded - will lace bubble through the material?

  11. How heavy is the material - will bones in a basque show through - would a body be more suitable?

  12. Will suspenders show through the skirt when you sit down? Think perfection for the photos!

  13. Remember that you will have to wear the garments for several hours, if not all day and perhaps into the evening. Go for comfort - don't buy just because the undies are pretty and sexy.

  14. If you money allows, buy two pairs of briefs or a thong and brief to match your bra or basque. Also buy two pairs of stockings or tights. Accidents do happen!

  15. If you need to trim an inch don't be afraid to go traditional - there are plenty of figure controlling garments which will flatten the tummy or trim the hips.

  16. Choose carefully and you will enjoy wearing your bridal underwear time and time again.

  17. Lastly, choose your set to complement your dress and not compete with it.


Directory of Wedding Suppliers

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Wedding flowers specialist.
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Rachel Pegler Artworks

Professional artist and illustrator.
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Ridgeway Marquee Ltd

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CNA Ruff Ltd

Hand crafted bespoke jewellery.
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Regency Chocolate Fountains

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"I have been so pleased to find Joyce Brooks.  Pam is very experienced in fitting lingerie and always takes great care to ensure that the purchase is correct.  Service is friendly, efficient and relaxed."
Margaret - Tewkesbury


Delighted with the Marion Pyrenean gown- it is a good weight and length and should keep me cosy here in my chilly ground floor Victorian flat!

Thanks for the speedy service and the lovely lavender heart!